Будущий проект

| Дата публикации: 06.06.2015|Источник: Mg Productions

Genre: Fantastic realism
Written by: Marina Kunarova
General producer: Yernar Malikov
Creative Producer: Marina Kunarova

The Kazakh side proves that it is necessary to take an urgent measures and offers an alternative development plan for the salvation of the world and the Earth - a new system - ACME. Among the Kazakh delegation is promising young scientist Timur Yerasyl. Kazakhstan party meets the enthusiastic support from members World Summit. But at the same time, there are opponents this idea. They begin to create all sorts of mischief, to prevent the implementation plan for ACME. At this time, the team, according to the instructions of the President, developing a strategic plan for the development of humanity in the new structure Akmetalizma, together with a group prominent foreign scientists. In the process of working closely involved Timur. Opponents of the kidnapped Strategic Plan, change it codes, figures, graphs and data. They kidnap a professor and kill him. This version is only for Timur, which mortally wounded a professor manages to convey flashcards. Timur was arrested and charged with assaulting Professor. Opponents of the ACME at the Extraordinary Summit organized in a matter of urgency, pushing the modified version of the strategy and it is called a plan of Naboo. And they force Summit to decide on the plan of Naboo.

Фотография - это правда. А кино - это правда 24 кадра в секунду.
- Жан-Люк Годар