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“The gulls”
| Дата публикации: 06.06.2015|Источник: Mg Productions
The gulls

Genre: Adventure/Comedy
Running time: 90 min.
Location: Kazakhstan, Russia
Written by: Marina Kunarova
General producer: Yernar Malik
Creative Producer: Marina Kunarova

A fascinating and intriguing story isabout those known as «The gulls.»They are young, beautiful, belongingto the «authority». Their lives which are full of society shine and luxury hangover turns sexy and little frivolous...They get used to have the best things in their life and at the same time not payingfor anything. The glamour girls who are the gulls of high society: blond Angel,brunette Lolita, redhead Belle and mulatto Panther got themselves in trouble, being engaged with the criminal authority. They crossed his path, being unaware of that, by taking something of value into a complete confusion. "The authority» has begun huntingfor the gulls. Everything is nothing until Angel fell in love. And what is her shock when she discovers that her ...beloved is the son of the «authority»...It seems to be a hopeless situation...that gets more complicated by the fact that the assistant of the authority snatches Belle and Lolita. The gulls go through the unbearably difficult obstacles, and suddenly they start understanding that all their old «Values» and the parasitic way of life have to be changed root and branch.•. A romantic love story gets mixed by comic situations, chases and dizzying adventures. It really worth to have a look!

Фотография - это правда. А кино - это правда 24 кадра в секунду.
- Жан-Люк Годар